About Us

You often hear inspiring stories of those who came up with million dollar business ideas over a couple of beers with friends, but, not us. You even hear stories of those start-up founders who were college mates or best friends, who started a company together and started minting money. But, not us. At Famesquare, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem which plagues the entertainment industry. We came together because we believe what we could achieve with Famesquare, what would represent a shift in the below problem:

The problem: "We have many brilliant, creative and talented people around us. But we lack a creative and professional platform for talent development and marketing. All social media platforms available today are fragmented, muddled and chaotic. Talented people don’t know whom to approach, how to build audience, how to monetize their creativity, or even what to price them at. Advertisers and brands don’t know whom they can associate with, how to reach them, or even, how much they need to spend in order to do so. Audience get confused, furious and upset with the unfiltered flow of low quality content which social media networks deliver”.

Our solution: A simple, specialized social-network platform and market place that connects all lovers of art, talent and creativity! Famesquare supports talented people from all walks of life (be it a dancer, singer, actor, athlete, sportsperson, painter, photographer, fashion designer, poet etc.)to market their talent, build visibility and to generate an ever growing web of supporters round the globe. Famesquare facilitates advertisers and brands to identify the right talent and the target market. Famesquare supports global audience with a clear choice of quality content. A simple solution to express yourself, connect with people, share thoughts and get inspired.We are focussed on creating an online global community of talented artists, marketers, sponsors, industry partners and audience.

Your art, your creativity and your talent are your assets. We respect your talent and vow to handle it with utmost care and affection. Famesquare reflects who we are, having a good time while doing what we love and we do love what we do. Our mission is to create Famesquare a platform to all art and talent lovers with solutions that are exploratory, inspirational, educational, conceptually interesting and visually stunning.

Support FS! It's a Talent revolution!

Our Team, Our Story

We, at Famesquare, are a small elite team who always get the job done right. We draw inspiration from the world that surrounds us. We are inspired by our family, friends, relatives, competitors, techies in the market and everything around us. This influenced us to embark on a journey to gift the world a novel experience - FAMESQUARE was thus conceived.

We’re comfortable working behind the scenes, but sometimes people want to know who we are. The faces around tells who we are?. Famesquare, for that matter is founded by two friends coming from coding and consulting background. As a team, we have a combined expertise in consulting, coding, User Interface, audit, sales, analytics and business intelligence. We sit, eat, sleep, dream and work from two rented apartments in Bangalore and Kochi. No claims or nothing to boast of. No big tag behind us, no venture capitalist pumping funds, no geeky techy team or not even a posh space to invite you for a coffee. But, the inspiration still haunts us to keep moving and improving the experience we offer.

We are a group of determined and high spirited individuals. Armed with a robust action plan and a clear vision, we are certain of what we are doing, how people will perceive us and where we will be in the coming years. We strive to make Famesquare a great place to work, where life and inspiration are equal and integrated organically. We work with the belief that process and collaboration should be as exciting and fun as the resulting solution. As any other corporate,we believe in upholding our core values. Not to mention, we’re super easy to work. On Fridays we have a "meeting of all meetings” where we brainstorm solutions for a problem someone’s road blocked on. There are few things we can’t solve with wine, beer and fresh perspectives.

Core Values Statement: The HEART Principles – Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork.

How it works:

Let’s keep it simple. Famesquare is a real-time information network, a specialized social networking platform. Anyone can join and follow our website, any person who believe to be creative and talented, can create their profiles in our website. They can showcase their artistic skills, creativity, and talent to the world by uploading sample work of theirs in image, audio, video, pdf formats.They can interact, share thoughts, appreciate, get discovered and network with like-minded people. Famesquare helps them to market their creativity / talent, gain visibility and to generate audiences round the globe. Famesquare also helps advertisers and brands to identify and communicate with their target market. Famesquare also facilitates listing of events, blogs, scholarships, news and contests/deals. Ultimately, for us, it’s all about inspiration – to inspire others and also to get inspired. We realize, we have a long way to go and this is just the start. We believe in constantly striving towards improving the experiences we offer. Creativity abounds when our team put their heads together - new features take shape and form.

Support FS! It's a Talent revolution!

Partner with Us

Enough about us— let's talk about you. Are you a fan of Famesquare? We have a feeling we're going to like you too! There are many ways to partner with us. As a privately owned, founder-led company, we’re able to work fast and respond to our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way. Whether you own a business or feel can be partnered and inspired by what we do, be honoured to drop us a mail at admin@famesquare.com. Let’s endeavour to work together and deliver something exceptional.

Contact US

We believe in communication. We realize the fact that we are taking baby steps. Your support is critical for the survival and growth of our venture - to help the talented individuals around us, to spread and to let the world experience art, creativity and talent like never before. We would love to hear from you. Share your experiences, concerns, likes, dislikes, love and suggestions. We can be reached at admin@famesquare.com.

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